Hello world!

Well Hello Blog World – a place you allow yourself the luxury of recording your thoughts in the hope that they somehow make a mark on the world that cannot be erased.

It actually seems a little indulgent doesn’t it?  Should I ask myself – “Is my time better spent doing something else”? Shouldn’t I be saving the planet or something ? Maybe I should be helping starving babies, or inventing a cure for cancer, or befriending the lonely and depressed …….? And what really do I have to write that anyone would want to read anyway?  Come on – be realistic  – aren’t I just a normal, pretty much insignificant, member of the privileged western world ! What have I got to say that is worth publishing anyway !

Well, when there is just so much need all around you in the world, it is a luxury to sit at a computer and write down your thoughts. After all, I am not starving, lonely and depressed. If I was, I certainly would not have the capacity to sit here and write!  And I am definitely  adding to the problems in the environment by just being in existence – living in privilege and abundance!  Doesn’t that carry with it some responsibility to act with care, compassion, and justice? Shouldn’t I be doing something more, something amazing, something wonderful, something significant – to lessen my environmental footprint, or to bring healing, or to relieve suffering, or leave a legacy, or just SOMETHING !!

Have you ever looked around you and thought to yourself : ” Wow, I am just so fortunate to be living in this place, during this time in history, with these people” ? Have you ever  stopped to ponder, about what your existence would be if you lived in another place or time, and just ‘WHY’ you are living here and now?

Well I’m sure many of you have. Our existence, our fortunate existence,  with all the abundance, freedom and safety,  is not the normal existence for most of the world’s population. Yet, although we realize this on one level of our consciousness, we are just so content to ignore it in our everyday life. Some how we think that by knowing it, we are actually doing something about it. Or that we will be able to do more – some time in the future! Or, that if we give money to the Salvos, or fill a shoebox for Christmas, or leave a present under the Wishing tree, we have actually done enough !

Well, I am sure that if we were faced with the existence much of our world is living every minute of every day, and we had to stare it in the face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we would begin to see the reality of their plight. We would know of the pain, the suffering and hopelessness that our brothers and sisters face – and we would not be able to forget it!!

I don’t know what the outcome of this blog will be, or whether it even has a future ! All I know that it will be an attempt to record a journey that I am taking, to make my life more accountable, more purposeful and more mindful of the duty and responsibility that was explained to us in  Micah 6: 8


“What is the duty of man O Lord ?  To act justly,

love mercy and walk humbly with your God”

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